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Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District

Electronic Waste (E-waste)

The Mid Missouri Solid Waste Management District strongly encourages the reusing, refurbishing and recycling of electronics. Color computer monitors contain lead and should not be landfilled. Toxic materials are found in other electronic waste. MMSWMD held its first electronic waste collection in Jefferson City in May 2007, where 8.14 tons of electronics were collected for recycling and diverted from the landfill.

In Region H, we have two vendors that process electronic waste:

Midwest Recycling Center in Jefferson City

Value Plus Recycling in Boonville

MMSWMD also holds an annual one day collection event for the entire region at the University of Missouri Hearnes’ Center parking lot. This year’s event has passed, and we will post information for next year once the date has been determined.

Collection Rules

A majority of the items accepted at our ewaste collections do not have a disposal fee. To review collection rules and corresponding fee schedule, please view the link corresponding to the event you are interested in. If you have additional questions, please call 573-874-7574.

Additional information for electronic waste recycling in the State of Missouri