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Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District

Grant Awards

FY2018 Grant Awards

Subgrantee Amount Summary
Missouri River Relief $10,000.00 Osage-Missouri River Clean-up & Hartsburg Missouri River Clean-up

Missouri River Relief is organizing a clean-up event for the Missouri River near the Village of Hartsburg and the Osage River near the unincorporated town of Bonnots Mill. Grants funds will go to event coordination and boat usage and crew. Volunteers will remove trash, plastic, aluminum, glass, tires, appliances, etc. from the river and dispose/recycle collected items responsibly.

Diversion Goal: 8.7 Tons.

Boonslick Industries $9,797.66 Ergonomic Process Improvement and Collection Growth

Boonslick Industries (BII) has seen an increase in paper recycling throughout its service area. In an effort to increase production to meet that demand, they will be purchasing two lift assist tilting tables and 50-95 gallon wheeled carts for use through Columbia Public Schools. This equipment will also reduce the amount of stooping and twisting required to empty and sort the paper from the collection containers.

Diversion Goal: 240 Tons.

Missouri Recycling Association $5,620.00 Missouri Recycling Association Conference 2018

MORA is holding a 2-hour Zero Waste Business training, a 1 hour HHW training and 3 conference scholarship opportunities in the MMSWMD jurisdiction for their 2018 Conference. The Zero Waste training will potentially increase recycling through application of better management practices. The HHW training will educate 25 participants about volatile hazardous waste remediation recommendations. The scholarships will include registration and hotel accommodations.

Diversion Goal: 0 Tons

Missouri University of Science and Technology $10,000.00 Rubberized chip seal implementation in Mid-Missouri

The University of Missouri will be researching, testing, implementing and collecting data on using rubberized chip seal versus standard aggregate. The chip seal being tested is comprised of scrap waste tires. Grant funds will support graduate students throughout the length of the project as well as PI costs for a 1 mile long stretch of road in Cooper County where the chip seal will be tested.

Diversion Goal: 0 Tons

Missouri Business Alert $7,687.50 Missouri Business Alert

Missouri Business Alert will acquire a 16 month long newsroom fellowship for a University student to cover environmental news. Missouri Business Alert is a digital-only publication that provides news and information to the states business decision makes and equips students with skills in reporting, editing, marketing, sales and other areas to help prepare them for careers in business journalism. MBA follows a No-Waste model of operation. No printed product, all news and information is provided through digital platforms. In this program, the fellow would be responsible for reporting on where business and markets intersect with zero-waste, waste reduction, recycling and recovered materials in Missouri, with a specific focus on central Missouri. The work of the fellows often finds its way into other media outlets (KBIA, KOMU).

Diversion Goal: 0 Tons

Handi-Shop $23,500.00 Lift Up Recycling

Handi-Shop is replacing their aging Clark forklift which recently experienced a mechanical breakdown that will require an engine rebuild that is not cost effective. Currently they are running their other forklift on double duty and it is causing additional wear to that machine. This new forklift will improve both the workload and efficiency of their operation.

Diversion Goal: 680 Tons

Boonslick Industries $43,012.00 California Expansion and Glasgow Conversion

Boonslick Industries (BII) will purchase two 16 cubic yard capacity Pro-Bin recycling trailers and eight 2 cubic yard capacity bins. The trailers will allow for an additional community collection area in the City of California and to convert the mixed container collection from wheeled totes to a trailer in the City of Glasgow. The additional 8 bins will be exchanged with older bins currently in service that require repair and refinishing. At the end of the grant period, the 8 cans will be used to expand the Boonville drop off location. As part of their match, Boonslick will purchase a heavy duty diesel pickup truck to support the increased number of routes.

Diversion Goal: 392 Tons

Endless Options $23,313.65 Growth

Endless Options will purchase storage racks, collapsible bins, a lifter/stacker and a baler to expand their location in Fayette, MO. They specifically collect E-waste as well as textiles, OCC, plastics, tin cans and fibers. Their facility allows for a lot of vertical expansion and these additional components will allow them to increase their collection and processing.

Diversion Goal: 140 Tons

Midwest Recycling Center $32,425.00 Box Truck Procurement for Optimization of Services

Midwest Recycling Center will purchase a used box truck to expand and improve their E-waste collection service. This second vehicle will be of higher capacity which will allow them to service more customers and provide them with a second operable vehicle to cover their routes instead of calling for trucks from Park Hills and Kansas City areas. This will also reduce their CO2 emissions. Additionally, they have added refrigerant recovery capabilities to increase their landfill diversion profile and this truck would handle materials from this operation.

Diversion Goal: 140 Tons

Bluebird Composting, LLC $75,000.00 Site Improvement to Increase Efficiency and Production

Bluebird Composting will construct a 10,000 sq foot concrete pad for a food waste collection operation utilizing 4 bins and a hot water washing system, along with a shelter to cover that system, to maintain those bins. Additionally, they will be purchasing a cardboard baler to bale the boxes from the food waste operation. Over the course of this project, Bluebird will be hiring 2 or 3 additional employees to supplement their workforce.

Diversion Goal: 25,000 Tons

Missouri River Relief $28,286.00 Larger Boat for Missouri River Clean Ups

Missouri River Relief will purchase a 20 passenger Aluminum Plate Boat to supplement the existing fleet and will be utilized to transport volunteers during their Missouri River Clean-Up projects. Over the last few years, outside organizational support, such as US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Army Corps. Of Engineers and MO Dept of Conservation, has started to dwindle. This purchase will provide a sustainable solution for MRR’s operation.

Diversion Goal: 50 Tons

FY2017 Grant Awards

Subgrantee Amount Summary
City of Columbia $30,426.66 Commercial Mini Cardboard Balers

The City will purchase eight (8) mini commercial cardboard balers. These balers do not take up much space and would offer businesses an alternative to their current recycling practices. The City has set parameters to measure whether a business qualifies to have a baler installed. Once installed, city staff will provide operational instructions and training on how to use the baler. The business will bale their cardboard and mixed fiber only (no trash) and store it under roof until they’ve run out of space. Upon being contacted, the Columbia’s Solid Waste Department would pick-up the bales for recycling.

Diversion Goal: 472 Tons

University of Missouri $100,000.00 Bringing Recycling Home: Internalizing the Process

MU will purchase a baler with conveyor that will be installed in their Resource Recovery Center. They will also acquire 96 gallon roll carts from the City of Columbia. MU will collect and bale paper from campus offices and store them until there is enough for a pick-up. A commodity vendor will retrieve the bales and pay MU the current market rate per ton. The project will be self-sustaining, with long term benefits. It’s projected that at least one full time employee will be added as a result of in house recycling.

Diversion Goal: 55 Tons

Boonslick Industries $23,378.10 Targeted Collection of Plastic Bottle Waste at Schools

Boonslick Industries (BII) would like to purchase (178) Big Bottle Recyclers to be placed in and around ball fields, tennis courts, locker rooms, gymnasiums, etc. With the Big Bottle Recycler looking like a large plastic soda bottle, it’s easy to recognize its purpose. BII feels them pursuing this request in lieu of the individual school districts would help give them incentive to participate. BII will, of course, be the one to collect and process the material when a pick-up is needed.

Diversion Goal: 84 Tons

IMS, LLC $57,570.00 Auto-Tie Baler for Office Paper

IMS has steadily grown their clientele since 2008. Additionally, they currently hold a one year contract with the State of Missouri for shredding and recycling services. IMS would like to purchase an auto-tie baler to replace their manual-tie baler. The manual-tie baler will move to baling cardboard, while the auto-tie will be used for paper products. Obtaining an auto-tie baler will allow IMS to increase the speed of the process and reduce the labor associated in manually tying. They anticipate a 20% increase in productivity and diversion.

Diversion Goal: 672 Tons

Willow Fork Pallet $33,750.00 Mulch Loading Equipment

Willow Fork Pallet is in the business of building, selling and repairing pallets. They also mulch the leftover pallet material. It is colorized, bagged, and sold at local retailers. They have identified several ways to gather plenty of wood scrap to produce the volumeof mulch they do. WFP currently uses a small skid steer to load waste into the mulcher for processing then moving the completed product for bagging. This equipment limits the amount of waste that can be moved at a time. WFP would purchase one large wheel loader allowing them to move more material at a time, thus increasing production and reducing the time it takes to complete a bag of mulch for sale.

Diversion Goal: 7800 Tons

Central and Northeast Missouri Food Bank $78,602.00 Large Capacity Mobile Produce and Perishables Cooler

Due to lack of cool storage space, The Food Bank produces approximately 1,500 pounds of food waste per week. They have formulated a plan to create more cool storage space allowing them to reach their four goals. Applicant will purchase a 53-foot refrigerated trailer that will be parked outside Central Pantry. This trailer will allow for an additional 12,000 to 15,000 pounds of food refrigerated at a time. In addition to the refrigerated trailer, The Food Bank will give it an upgrade and install an Airocide unit. This unit will extend the shelf life of stored produce by up to five days. It breaks down naturally occurring molds and biological gases and converts it to water vapor.

Diversion Goal: 74.4 Tons

Space Shark Studios $5,000.00 WasteCraft

WasteCraft is a player survival game that educates its users by rewarding them for proper collection and refinement/recycling of normal household waste and turning improperly processed materials into enemy combatants that will damage the player’s encampment. The Game will be made available to educational institutions throughout the State of Missouri and to the MMSWMD.

Rock Bridge High School $4,952.50 RBHS Recycling Regime Overhaul

Rock Bridge High School is taking steps to update and revitalize their internal recycling process. After conducting a waste audit, they saw the need for additional recycling can locations and education for the student body. A recycling committee, comprised of 25 students, has already been formed. This committee will provide more than sufficient labor for the project.

Diversion Goal: 5.32 Tons

Missouri River Relief $5,000.00 Boonville Missouri River Clean-Up

River Relief is coordinating a one day river clean up that will span five miles of the Missouri River with locations in Boone, Callaway, and Cole County. Grant will pay for coordination, boat usage with crew. Volunteers will remove trash, plastic, aluminum, glass, tires, appliances, etc. from the river and dispose/recycle collected items responsibly.

Diversion Goal: 4.85 Tons

3M $5,000.00 Baler to Enable Recycling of Polyurethane Foam

3M would purchase and install a vertical baler to recycle Polyurethane Foam in house. 3M expects program income to be generated from the sale of the PF bales at about $1490/annually, with an additional savings of $484/annually for Landfill diversion.

Diversion Goal: 9.31 Tons

Missouri Recycling Association $4,822.00 2017 MORA Conference Waste Zero Training

The Missouri Recycling Association (MORA) is requesting grant funds to offer a 6 hour zero waste training to take place on August 8th, 2017, the day before the MORA conference. Funds will cover the cost of the Zero Waste trainer’s fee, equipment rental, and accommodations.

City of Centralia,
$5,000.00 Bin Missing You: Roll-off Recycling Bin

The City of Centralia is requesting funds to re-institute the drop off recycling container that has been absent for the last 10 years. This container would be added to the Boone County recycling program and it would be serviced exclusively by the City of Columbia as per their cost structure. This container would replace the existing 1 cubic yard bag program which is cumbersome and not sustainable due to difficulty sourcing bags. The City of Centralia is willing to pay the costs associated with the service and tonnage fees because they believe it will be less than current expenditures. $141.35/pull fee plus $45.76/ton.
A citizen survey was completed in 2015 which showed that a recycling drop off would increase the amount of citizens who recycled in their households.

Diversion Goal: 10 Tons

IMS, LLC. $3,749.20 Document Collection Carts

IMS is a safe and secure way for state and local governments, schools, and private companies to manage their document disposal. IMS provides services to collect, shred, and recycle paper. If funded, IMS will purchase locking roll carts and provide them to new and existing businesses. They keep sensitive documents secure while at the business, during transport to IMS, and while awaiting the shred process. Contents are only accessible by authorized personnel.

Diversion Goal: 150 tons

IMS, LLC. $3,749.20 Document Collection Consoles

IMS is a safe and secure way for state and local governments, schools, and private companies to manage their document disposal. IMS provides services to collect, shred, and recycle paper. If funded, IMS will purchase locking consoles and provide them to new and existing businesses. They keep sensitive documents secure while at the business, during transport to IMS, and while awaiting the shred process. Contents are only accessible by authorized personnel.

Diversion Goal: 120 tons