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Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District

District Grant Application and Guidance

The FY2021 District Grant Application and Guidance Document (GAGD)opens PDF file is now available.  You will find all forms and information to assist you in completing your application in this document.  Applicants will find information about the district grant program including eligibility information, funding targets; along with requirements and obligations to assist them in completing a grant proposal.  You can complete your application by visiting our fillable forms page or contact us if you’d like to receive a copy in the mail.

Schedule for Grant Application and Review

Spring 2021 Large Grant Call (large grant projects only, up to $100,000):


4/19/21 – Required preliminary application due

5/14/21 – Final application due by 4:00 p.m.

May/June 2021 – MMSWMD Advisory Committee review

6/9/21 –  MMSWMD Executive Board decision

July/August 2021 – “Estimated” MDNR approval

August/September 2021 – Projected start date (following approval by Executive Board and MDNR)


Items in Bold are required elements and dates/times are firm. Executive Board approval is required of all grants, but the Executive Board may chose to evaluate grants further and delay the final decision.

This fiscal year we expect to have approximately $175,000 available to award for district projects.  There are opportunities for small and large requests.


  • Review the Eligibility Information before getting started. This will save time knowing you’re applying for a grant MMSWMD can fund.
  • Determine the amount of funding that’s being requested and calculate the match required to commit to the project. Financial and organizational capability of the project is important to its success.
  • Get acquainted with the Scoring Criteria and Bonus Pointsopens PDF file . This will help you maximize your score.
  • If the grant asks for it, include it. Omitted documentation will hurt your score.
  • Use the Application Checklist and enter the page number of the content. This will help ensure you have included the required components for the application. Also, submit this checklist with your final submission.


  • A signed District Grant Applicant Profile.
  • Document and explain all anticipated costs in the Budget Document. (Reference GAGD to see bid/proposal requirements)
  • Executive Summary. Be sure to include the projects viability, efficiency, benefit, and long-term effect. Reference GAGD for more information.
  • Work Plan with project tasks and timeline/table.
  • Résumé of project manager and other key personnel.
  • Explanation of how project will be evaluated.
  • Verification of permits, licenses, etc.
  • A signed and notarized Match Commitment Documentation.
  • List of prior MMSWMD Grant Awards.
  • Requests for more than $50,000 require additional documentation. See GAGD.
  • Failure to submit required items by deadline will result in point deductions.
  • Quarterly Reporting for the duration of the project. Records must then be kept five (5) years after project is finalized/closed.


Due to health concerns, we will not be holding workshops in a group setting. We are making ourselves available for one-on-one training and support instead. Please email us at mmswmd@como.govcreate new email or call (573) 817-6422 to arrange a training session. Additionally, we have a prepared training video on the Grant Application page. 


The thought of writing a grant can be intimidating.  Don’t let it be.  Outside of attending a grant workshop hosted by MMSWMD, there are local resources that can assist you in putting together an organized grant proposal.  Below are a few:

Columbia Career Center
University of Missouri – Extension
University of Missouri – Grant Writer Network

You can also participate in webinars or take grant writing certifications on-line:

American Grant Writers’ Association
University of Missouri – Graducate Certificate in Grantsmanship

If you have questions, call or email us.  Staff is happy to clarify anything for you.

Financial Assistance Agreement and General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions opens PDF file – For Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District Sub-grantees.

Video Training on Electronic Grant Submittal: