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Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District

Leadership / Meetings

There are three bodies that govern MMSWMD: District Council, Executive Board, and Advisory Committee. 


The District Council

The District Council is defined in State Law under 260.315. This body meets at least once a year and has a representative from each member city and two from each member county.  The MMSMWD Council approves and amends the By-Laws, adopts the annual budget, appoints the Executive Board (by a caucus format), and responds to issues as presented by the Executive Board. In the MMSWMD By-Laws the annual meeting is held in the spring (usually May) and a quorum is fifteen District Council Representatives.

Past Agendas and Minutes


The Executive Board

The MMSWMD Executive Board is made up of one representative for each County and each City with a population over 35,000, for a total of ten spots.  The Executive Board meets approximately once a month, and conducts most of the business including: approving payments of bills, entering into contracts, appointing the Advisory Committee(s), electing its own officers and approving the District Grants.

Past Agendas and Minutes


The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee (and there may be more than one) is appointed by the Executive Board. Originally it had responsibilities in drafting the District Plan, but now the primary responsibility is to review the District grant proposals and recommend levels of funding with the budget allocated. The Advisory Committee also periodically reviews the grant process.

Past Agendas and Minutes