White Goods (Appliances)

Many residents of the MMSWMD still have difficulty disposing of white goods (major appliances), refrigerants, and PCBs. Besides the problem of illegal appliance disposal in roadside dumps, an added concern is that refrigerant gasses may be released to the atmosphere due to improper disposal. Appliance recycling continues to be a targeted area for service improvement for MMSWMD.

In 2011, MMSWMD welcomed Midwest Recycling Center to the Jefferson City area.  They accept broken or unwanted white goods.  Midwest Recycling also accepts electric and battery operated items.  Visit www.midwrc.net for a list of items they collect, hours of operation, location, and contact information.

“A Guide to Recycling in Mid-Missouri” lists other outlets within the MMSWMD area where white goods can be recycled; go to page 2 where major appliances are listed.