Missouri Tire Laws

OLD TIRES — Whole tires are banned by law from landfills in the State of Missouri. Tires can be quartered or cut circumferentially (like a bagel) and landfilled. They can be recycled by any Scrap Tire Processoropens in a new window. Tires must be brought directly to a processor, a tire dealer or hauled by a permitted tire hauler in Missouri. Any retail store that sells tires must be willing to take at least the same number of used or scrap tires at the time of purchase for a fee, usually about $2.00 for a standard passenger car tire. This fee is to cover the retailer’s costs. There are also regulations on the number of tires that can be legally stored, and how they must be stored safely. View the Scrap Tire Rules & Scrap Tire Laws, 10 CSR 80-8.

NEW TIRES — For every tire sold retail there is a 50¢ per tire fee charged. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources uses these funds to enforce the scrap tire laws, and to fund cleanup of scrap tire pilesopens in a new window. As of October 2015, almost 17.5 million passenger tires have been collected.  These were found on 1,358 sites that have been cleaned up with these funds. The $0.50 fee was reinstated in 2009 by the General Assembly. MMSWMD does not use this fee for our tire collections or cleanups but non-profit groups like Missouri Stream Team can!! Call 800-781-1989 or visit the Missouri Stream Team website for more information.  You can also find information about clean ups via MDNRopens in a new window.

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